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New Contemporary Romance Novel Under the Summer Sun by Daniella Grsic



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Under the Summer Sun

A first love tarnished but never forgotten, a desperate plea to repair the present, and a longing to secure the future of her dreams.

Successful in her career? For sure

Confused about her past? Absolutely

Reluctant to move forward with her boyfriend? Completely

A longing for meaningful love? Deeply

This is the life of Charlotte Monroe…happy with her career as an environmental journalist, unhappy with her current boyfriend, Peter Walsh.

Haunted by her first love, Alex Montgomery, and their harsh separation so long ago, Charlotte is constantly wondering what could have been versus what is being pushed on her for the future.

Rescued by an invitation from her best friend, Trisha Blackwell, to come home to Georgia for the summer, Charlotte jumps at the chance to rush to the people and place that she loves so dearly.

Little did Charlotte know that, under the summer sun, she will be faced with an unexpected encounter with Alex, a devastating issue that would impact the safety of her hometown, and an enormous proposition from Peter that will change her life forever.

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