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Daniella Grsic

My First Book...Deep Down Inside!

Deep Down Inside is my first book and I am over-joyed to have published a story that encompasses my personal experiences and feelings, the experiences of children around me, combined with a hint of imagination!  This story describes what many people feel who have experienced some type of loss or great change in their lives, which is, unfortunately, inevitable for everyone! 

Deep Down Inside is the story of a young girl's journey to cope with saying good-bye to an old friend. By way of an unexpected visitor, 7 year old Rebecca searches her feelings, deep down inside to discover how a new friend can lead her down the glorious path of healing and hope. By finding her inner-strength, Rebecca discovers courage within herself and all of the happiness and love that is still around her, even though her old friend is now gone. 

Has your child or a child you know lost a loved one or cherished pet? If so, then this inspirational story may be the starting point needed to begin the process of healing and self-discovery. As a support for young children, inspiration for classroom discussion or stimulation for bedtime conversation, this story is sure to provide all of this and so much more. Children not only need the support of others during difficult times, but they also need time to explore, question, process and react to the feelings and situations that they are experiencing, which is exactly what Rebecca encountered in this story. This heart-warming story of love, loss, healing and happiness is sure to be cherished by all who read it and allow its message to penetrate the soul and heal the heart (deep down inside). 

This story provides opportunity for parents, caregivers and educators to engage in rich dialogue about not only the events in the story, but real life events that young readers may be experiencing in their own lives. Whether it be a small change or a difficult event that your child may be coping with, Deep Down Inside is a valuable tool to open the lines of communication and support the situation at hand.

Not dealing with a difficult situation, then simply enjoy a story about courage, strength and hope, while enjoying colourful illustrations. 

The illustrations were created by an outstanding artist named Natalia Starikova, who truly brought my story to life through the glorious pictures that she created. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Many thanks is also extended to my amazing publisher, Friesen Press, whose staff supported me every step of the way. I am eternally grateful to Friesen Press for producing my book. 

Deep Down Inside...A book with meaning!  

Think Well.  Feel Well.  Be Well.

Deep Down Inside: The First Book in the Wellness Series

Deep Down Inside is now supported by The Halton Catholic District School Board and enjoyed in 55 schools, as well as The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board.

My publishing team also chose to feature my first book, Deep Down Inside on their website and invited me to create an Author Experience write-up in appreciation for the book's success! Read more...

School Reading Event with Deep Down Inside on

April 10th, 2017.

A very special thank you to the staff of St. Michael's CES for inviting me to read and share a rich literacy-based experience with their Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes. It was a joy to share Deep Down Inside with all 5 classes...what an amazing journey!

Author Daniella Grsic with her first book Deep Down Inside

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