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Here's a look at the exciting events that have taken place in 2017 with Deep Down Inside and Lucky Stars.

Thank you to everyone who supported me!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet all of the wonderful children and families during all of my spring and summer book signing events!

The McMaster Children's Hospital Miracle Plane Pull Fundraising Event was an amazing experience and I am honoured to have been part of such an important cause!

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It has been very exciting to introduce my new book, Lucky Stars and the Wellness Series to my readers and unify both of my books into a realm of helpfulness, healing, learning and growth!  

A special thank you is extended to the many book store managers and staff members who always welcome me with a warm smile! 

Daniella Grsic

See What People Are Saying

​"Daniella Grsic has created another book aimed at leading children down a path to overall well-being. The 40-year-old Stoney Creek resident, mother of two and St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Elementary School early childhood educator has penned her second story, Lucky Stars!"

The launch of Lucky Stars was celebrated by an outstanding newspaper article by Laura Lennie and The Stoney Creek News on July 25, 2017.

Lucky Stars is a story about an intuitive girl named Rebecca whose personal thoughts from a dream navigate her through a number of adventures that provide her with situations where problem-solving skills are necessary to create a solution and find happiness.

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