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Daniella Grsic

About the Author

Daniella was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She has a deep love for expressing her own experiences and feelings, as well as imaginary adventures through descriptive stories, poetry, and novels. Daniella truly enjoys constructing words into amazing sentences that come together as outstanding stories for young and old to enjoy!

Writing books, teaching, and crafting educational resources is her 'occupassion'...Daniella's greatest passion turned into her ongoing work.

Daniella enjoys a supportive family, warm friendships, deep love, and a strong sense of self.

When she's not writing, she wraps herself in her family and her two dogs, Phoebe and Joey. 

Her amazing friends sweeten her life as well.

After happily ensuring that everyone has what they need, Daniella loses herself to pen either the romance, conflict, emotional torment, and marvelous adventure that mesh together to form the ultimate escapade of love or a new way to support children academically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.

Striving for new opportunities for growth, Daniella is proud to introduce and invite you to fall in love with her debut novel, "Under the Summer Sun" and utilize one of her many children’s books, resources, and videos to support children in achieving their full potential and love oneself every day.

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