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Daniella Grsic


This is the perfect place for parents, caregivers, educators, and children to discover ways to enrich their lives through reading, learning, creating, and growing independently and with one another. 

Daniella happily enjoys a multitude of professional endeavors; she is an author, an online teacher, a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE), and a creator of educational resources and supports. 

Yours in education and growth,


Books by Daniella Grsic

~ Children's Books ~

Her mission is to empower, educate, and entertain children.

Wellness Series ~ includes three books entitled, "Deep Down Inside", "Lucky Stars" and "Smile Sandwich"

DPA...Daily Positive Affirmations For Kids ~ includes three books entitled, "I Can Build Anything", "I Am Anything I Want To Be" and "I Will Treat Myself and Others With Respect" with an accompanying book entitled, "Poems and Affirmations About Emotions For Kids"

~ Novels ~

A hopeless romantic at heart, Daniella is passionate about designing meaningful love stories.

Debut Novel ~ "Under the Summer Sun" is Daniella's first novel and acts as the beginning of her first women’s fiction series.

~ All of Daniella's books are available on Amazon. ~

Learning Opportunities with Daniella Grsic ~ Online Classes and Camps on

I am so excited to announce that not only have I published several books, but I now teach on I am a professional who is constantly growing and changing. I seek out meaningful ways to extend learning for my young friends while learning something new for myself as well. 

My classes are designed for children 3 to 7 years old regarding literacy, numeracy, inquiry-based learning, and life skills. My classes are packed with quality learning experiences and a ton of fun! 

Check outthe link below to view my teacher profile and my classes.  

See you in my next class!

"Where learning and fun come together!"


Teaching Resources by Daniella Grsic ~

My new storefront on Teachers Pay Teachers is called Smile and Grow ~ Learn and Know

This is a wonderful place for educators, parents, and caregivers to locate activities to work on with their children and students. 

Here you will find rich learning resources about literacy, numeracy, and seasonal/holiday activities to stimulate growth and learning in young learners. 

Let the fun and learning begin!

Supportive Suggestions and Teaching Tips

Under the Learning Tree with Daniella Grsic

Under the Learning Tree is a channel for parents and educators to access videos to learn helpful tips on how to select meaningful resources and activities for children and students, plus learn how to present these activities to children to achieve the best results. 

This channel is also a fun place for children to enjoy videos filled with storytime, songs, and follow-up activities that support learning, happiness, enjoyment, and growth.

Make the path to learning success as perfect as possible!

Books by Daniella Grsic

Copyright 2021

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